Cowboy Eggs

Basically, a piece of bread with a hole and an egg in the middle. OK. Not basically, literally. That’s all it is.

There are many different aliases: egg-in-the-hole, bird’s nest, egg baskets, one-eyed monsters, the list is endless. Whatever you decide to call them, they are quick and easy early in the morning. This happens to be my sons favorite breakfast.

Typically, people will tell you to use a 2 inch round cookie cutter to cut your hole in your bread. I guess they’re super organized and actually know where their 2 inch round cookie cutter is. At 6:30 in the morning, I have no idea where my cookie cutter is and really don’t care to look for it. So I just use whatever I have on hand: a glass, the top to the cooking spray, the random dinosaur sandwich cutter I always seem to have beside me, or a knife to cut the best circle I can. So what if it’s a little lopsided, right?

Here's what you will need:

1 large slice of bread (sandwich bread will work, firmer bread is better)
2 teaspoons unsalted butter
1 large egg
Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper

1. Using a cookie cutter, cut a circle in the middle of the slice of bread.
2. Over medium heat, melt half the butter. Place the bread in the butter and swirl around to coat and toast. Crack the egg into the hole. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper. Let the egg set for about a minute. Flip the bread and add the rest of the butter. Swirl and coat, but beware of the egg. Don’t let it lose. By the time the bread is toasted the egg will have set.
3. Transfer to a plate and dig in.

Your personal preference on how you like your eggs will determine the amount of time you spend with your egg on the heat. If you have picky eaters that will not touch a runny egg you can pop the yolk with a fork after you crack it. On the other end, if you prefer runny eggs you can crack the egg, flip the bread and cover the pan with a lid until the top is set the way you like.

Take it a step farther:

I tried this one morning and I will admit it was pretty tasty. It reminded me of an egg sandwich. I'm not a huge fan of eggs so I decided to add some of the precooked bacon crumbles or breakfast sausage I keep on hand in my fridge for quick additions. I just mixed it in with the egg before it set. I prefer my eggs cooked. Once it was on my plate I shredded a little cheese on top. Oh it was good. Fast and tasty. All completed within a few minutes.

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